Medically Reviewed By Dr. Kimberly Evans

Older male model with doctorErectile dysfunction can not only be embarrassing and frustrating, but it can also put a damper on having a satisfying intimate relationship. Men want to be able to effectively express their interest and excitement in their partner, and engage in pleasurable sexual intercourse. Dr. Evans understands these challenges and helps men enhance the sensation, frequency, and stamina of their erections using the P-shot®.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Occasional difficulty getting an erection is normal. Erectile dysfunction is when you routinely have problems getting or keeping an erection that is firm enough for sex. Even during the most intimate of moments, you may not be able to achieve desirable results. This can be caused by everything from stress and anxiety to smoking, cardiovascular disease, or simply lack of arousal.

This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Although many people think of erectile dysfunction as something that happens to older men, it can affect men of all ages, whether you are in your 30s or 70s. Dr. Evans will work with you to understand the physical, mental, and emotional factors that can contribute to erectile issues and determine if the P-shot could be a good option for you.

What is the P-Shot?

Named after Priapus, a Greek god of fertility, the P-shot is an injection of platelet-rich plasma or PRP that is derived from your bodies own platelet-derived growth factors. This natural blood product is injected directly into the penis, where it stimulates healing, tissue repair, and cellular regeneration.

The P-shot was developed by Dr. Charles Runels, and Dr. Evans received her training in how to effectively perform the procedure directly from him.

How Does the P-Shot Work?

PRP contains a highly concentrated amount of platelets and growth factors to boost healing. As the growth factors get to work, they help improve circulation, form new blood vessels and cells, and repair tissue damage within the penis. Rejuvenated and replenished cells may hold blood better, which is key for a healthy erection. This can contribute to a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved ability to achieve an erection
  • Improved stamina to maintain erections for longer
  • Firmer erections
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Increased sensitivity and sensation
  • Increased blood flow to the penis and potentially greater size of erection

Once the PRP has been injected, you will be taught how to use a vacuum erection device (VED) to optimize the effectiveness of the shot. The VED helps to increase blood flow to the penis and will need to be used for about 10 minutes twice a day for several days. This is something that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

How is PRP Created?

Dr. Evans withdraws a vial of blood and places it in a centrifuge. The machine spins the blood at a consistent rate to separate the different blood components. Heavier components such as red blood cells sink to the bottom while lighter components such as platelets and growth factors float to the top. The plasma solution is collected and placed in a syringe for injection into the penis.

Is PRP Safe?

PRP is derived from your own blood, so there is minimal risk of rejection. PRP stimulates your body’s own regenerative abilities to improve erectile dysfunction symptoms. You may experience some minor side effects such as temporary bruising, swelling, bleeding, or soreness at the injection site.

Does the P-Shot Hurt?

A numbing cream will be applied to your penis for improved comfort during the injections, so you should not feel any pain. There is no downtime following the P-shot, and you can resume your normal routine after treatment. However, you should wait for at least four hours before engaging in sexual activity.

When Will I See Results?

This can vary from one man to the next. Some men notice firmer erections almost immediately, while others require more than one treatment before they experience noticeable benefits. Generally, you can expect to see results within a month or two, and they can last for around two years.

Find Out if the P-Shot is Right for You

If you are tired of having romantic moments of intimacy interrupted by erectile dysfunction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Evans at Sugar Land Medical Spa. She will work with you to determine if you can benefit from the P-shot to improve the quality, frequency, and sensation of your erections and reinvigorate your sex life. Call us at (281) 277-7721


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