Medically Reviewed By Dr. Kimberly Evans

African American Woman Smiling In an Office SettingIf you are struggling with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance or age-related hormonal changes, your quality of life is likely diminishing. Loss of sex drive, a disrupted menstrual cycle, low energy levels, and even mood swings are nothing to smile about.

Thankfully, hormonal imbalance is an incredibly common condition among both men and women, and modern medicine has found an effective treatment to help people reclaim hormonal balance and start living a more enjoyable life.

At Sugar Land Medical Spa, we offer BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy to help our patients balance their hormone levels and revive their energetic, engaged, and active lifestyle.

To help you better understand this revolutionary treatment Dr. Evans offers, we have put together a short guide on what BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy, what are its benefits, and how long does it take for hormone therapy work.

What is BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone therapy works by steadily replacing and rebalancing the missing hormones in the body. BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy uses a small pellet to deliver a consistent amount of hormones over a period of time, keeping you in balance for longer than many other treatments, such as pills, patches, creams/gels, or synthetic injections. This consistency in administering the correct dosage is one of the biggest advantages of the pellet approach, as it prevents highs and lows in hormone balancing.

Additionally, BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy features bio-identical hormones, which are similar in structure to human hormones for the safest and most effective hormone balancing approach.

What are the Benefits of BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy?

No doubt, the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can negatively impact your everyday life. Symptoms like extreme fatigue, mood swings, low sex drive, anxiety, brain fog, hot flashes, weight gain, inability to concentrate, joint pain, and more can severely compromise your happiness and overall wellbeing.

With BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy, you can experience a plethora of incredible benefits that can elevate your life and have you feeling more youthful than ever.

Benefits of BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy include:

  • Increase your libido for a more pleasurable and fulfilling sex life.
  • Better sleep and a more stable, happier mood.
  • Reclaim your energy (and stop feeling so tired all the time!).
  • Balance the thyroid for increased metabolism, better digestion, optimal cognitive function, and more.
  • Better skin, hair, and bones due to increased collagen and elastin production.
  • Improve vaginal dryness and reduce hot flashes.

If you are considering BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy, you may be wondering how long it takes hormone therapy to kick in and when you can expect to experience these remarkable benefits.

How Long Does It Take for Hormone Therapy To Work?

Many patients are pleasantly surprised to discover hormone therapy only takes as little as 2 weeks to work. Even better, the procedure to place a BioTE pellet takes minutes and is minimally invasive, with Dr. Evans typically performing the treatment in her Houston-based office.

So how often are BioTE pellets needed for optimal results? Patients usually have a pellet placed 3-4 times per year.

It is important to note Dr. Evans may also recommend adjustments to the dosage to fine-tune your treatment. Finding the right balance is key for your personalized hormone replacement therapy plan. With the right hormone balance, you will likely experience noticeable benefits within one month!

Restore Your Balance and Reclaim Your Life

If you are ready to restore your sex drive, revive your energy, and improve your quality of life, BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy may be right for you! Dr. Evans recently achieved “Legacy” status as a BioTE provider based on her years of experience with the treatment. And by combining this experience with her background as a board-certified OB/GYN, she strives to help patients effectively resolve problems with energy, emotion, and sexual wellness.

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