Body contouring offers patients the opportunity to eliminate and/or reduce excess skin and fat that remains stubborn to diet and exercise. Common areas targeted by body contouring include the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs. Sugar Land Medical Spa offers several non-invasive, non-surgical methods that give you the body shape you want, which include:

    • BTL Exilis Ultra™ for skin toning, facial rejuvenation, and body contouring
    • BTL Vanquish Me™ for fat removal, volume reduction, and body shaping
    • BTL Cellutone™ for increased metabolism and body contouring enhancement

BTL Exilis Ultra™

Exilis is a non-invasive radiofrequency device designed to focus varying depths of heat to customize treatment for skin tightening, fat reduction, and body shaping. It also may be used for facial rejuvenation and cellulite reduction. The fat is targeted below the surface causing shrinkage of fat cells and the building of new collagen. This can lead to a reduction in circumference of 1-4 inches and improvement in cellulite appearance.Exilis’ built-in cooling device makes it safe for reducing lax skin and excess fat anywhere on the body. This includes the face, abdomen, legs, and arms. It is relatively pain-free, and patients can return to work after the treatment.

Most people need 4-6 visits scheduled 7-14 days apart for maximal results. Results may vary and are typically seen at 3-6 months post series.

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BTL Vanquish Me™

BTL Vanquish Me™ is a non-invasive fat removal procedure for those who find exercise and diet unsuccessful. During your procedure, stubborn fat around your abdomen and flanks is targeted using a high-frequency electric field.

The procedure will involve 4 to 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks (usually scheduled 7 to 10 days apart). You should be able to see results within a few weeks of treatment, though results may vary by patient. It is recommended to maintain healthy exercise and diet in conjunction with your treatment for optimal results.


BTL CELLUTONE™ is a non-invasive procedure using therapeutic vibrations to increase lymphatic drainage, waste elimination, and blood flow. CELLUTONE is safe for patients of all ages and skin types and is used in conjunction with non-invasive body shaping or skin tightening procedures to enhance results over a shorter period of time. It also helps increase your metabolism.

Relatively painless, you may resume your daily activities immediately after receiving CELLUTONE. Results should be noticeable after a single treatment when used in conjunction with a non-invasive skin tightening or body shaping device; however, results may vary.

The number of CELLUTONE sessions will complement the number of visits your non-invasive body shaping or tightening procedure requires, though this typically involves between 4 and 6 sessions.

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