If you are in need of a hysteroscopy, you may be feeling anxious about the procedure. But at Sugar Land Medical Spa in Houston, Dr. Evans offers Endosee® diagnostic imaging to make your hysteroscopy easier.

Endosee uses an all-in-one handheld system that is completely cordless and portable. This device can be used in-office to obtain images of the uterine cavity. Endosee is a completely non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that can be used to diagnose a variety of gynecological concerns.

In addition, after visualization, the endometrial cavity is sampled with an endometrial biopsy. This gives us a sample of the endometrial cells to rule out cancers, infection or polyps/ fibroids.

The Benefits

There are various benefits to using the Endosee system for hysteroscopy and uterine imaging. Some of the great advantages that Endosee offers patients at Sugar Land Medical Spa include:

  • The procedure is non-surgical and involves no anesthesia.
  • Endosee is minimally invasive and requires no incisions.
  • It costs less than other diagnostic imaging options.
  • Patients find the procedure more relaxing than other diagnostics.
  • There is little to no discomfort involved.
  • Endosee is a quick procedure that can be performed in a few minutes.
  • Endosee obtains detailed imaging that helps you receive a proper diagnosis.
  • The procedure is performed in-office, so you do not have to go elsewhere.

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