Medically Reviewed By Dr. Kimberly Evans

Female Torso with Legs Crossed in White Bathing SuitHow would it feel to confidently slip between the sheets and be intimate with a partner? Go to a spin class and work up a sweat without any discomfort? Or simply stand in the mirror and love the way your labia looks and feels?

If you have a large or asymmetrical labia, either due to genetics, pregnancy, childbirth, or weight gain, and it is affecting your quality of life, Dr. Evans at Sugar Land Medical Spa is here to help you restore your confidence and enhance your comfort with labiaplasty in Houston, Texas.

Learn more about labiaplasty and how it can transform your life through a broad spectrum of benefits. When you are ready, contact Sugar Land Medical Spa and schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Evans to find out if you are an ideal candidate for this cosmetic gynecology procedure.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a highly personalized procedure where Dr. Evans reshapes and revises the skin around your vaginal opening, also known as the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) and labia majora (outer vaginal lips).

As a board-certified OB/GYN and cosmetic gynecologist, she can strategically remove loose or excess labia tissue, which could be contributing to discomfort during sex, when exercising, or even when wearing certain pieces of clothing.

The end result is a natural-looking, yet beautifully contoured labia based on your unique preferences and cosmetic desires.

5 Transformational Benefits of Labiaplasty

1. Increased Comfort

Experiencing pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, when exercising (hello, uncomfortable yoga classes!), or when wearing certain pieces of clothing, such as snug-fitting swimwear, due to enlarged labia can significantly impact your overall happiness and quality of life.

At Sugar Land Medical Spa, Dr. Evans is passionate about helping patients like you live a more comfortable life by decreasing labia size or correcting asymmetrical labia through labiaplasty.

2. Improved Confidence

There is nothing sexier than a woman who loves the way she looks. If enlarged or asymmetrical labia triggers any feelings of embarrassment and keeps you from embracing your best self, visit Dr. Evans for labiaplasty in Houston, Texas.

Together, you and Dr. Evans can sculpt and refine your labia to make it look tighter and more youthful. Once your labia fully heals, you won’t be the only one who loves looking at it!

3. Customized Appearance

At your initial consultation, Dr. Evans will discuss your concerns, expectations, and desires with you. With this information, she will use her years of skills and training to delicately reshape, revise, and refine your labia to fit your cosmetic desires, ensuring that your labia is completely customized to how you want it to look.

4. Heightened Sexual Pleasure

Are you ready to achieve more Os with increased sexual function, heightened pleasure, and improved confidence? Reducing excess labial tissue and addressing your cosmetic concerns can alleviate your sexual dysfunction and embrace a more fulfilling sex life.

Even better, by having more orgasms, you can reduce your stress levels, improve your sleep, strengthen your relationships, and boost your mood.

5. Elevated Quality of Life

With increased comfort, elevated confidence and self-esteem levels, and improved sexual pleasure for a more enriched sex life and better orgasms, Dr. Evans has no doubt that you will experience a more positive quality of life—and the science agrees!

A study looking at the comparison of patient symptomatology before and after labiaplasty showed that this safe procedure resulted in significant improvements in quality of life.

Schedule Your Labiaplasty Consultation with Dr. Evans

With cosmetic gynecology procedure options like labiaplasty, you have the opportunity to revise and refresh the appearance of your labia to be exactly how you want it. No more pulling during sexual intercourse, twisting or pulling when riding a bike, or feelings of embarrassment while wearing tight clothing.

Instead, you can confidently slip between the sheets with your partner, attend yoga and spin classes, and expand your wardrobe with all of your favorite tight clothing options. The time is now to embrace a new you with labiaplasty. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Evans today by contacting Sugar Land Medical Spa.