PCA Professional Peels

PCA SKIN® is an innovator in the development of highly effective professional skin care treatments and daily care products. Their wide-ranging line addresses all skin types, ethnicities and skin conditions. Prior to your professional peel, a free, 15 minute consultation is required to evaluate your skin and to help choose the peel that will optimize your skin’s health.

Jessner Peel w/Hydroquinone

This PCA Peel® will help unclog pores and rejuvenate the skin. It is effective for improving active acne and highly sun-damaged, thickened skin. It is also an excellent choice for correcting pigment discolorations. This treatment includes the PCA Post Peel Kit.

Sensi Peel® Facial (6% TCA)

This PCA Peel® is ideal for more sensitive and ethnic skin types. It is a gentle peel formulation that will strengthen and brighten your skin, while helping to treat sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. This multi-faceted treatment also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial action, making it an excellent choice for helping to calm rosacea.

Ultra Peel® Facial (10% TCA)

The Ultra Peel® Facial is a specially formulated peel treatment that will exfoliate dehydrated, menopausal and mature skin. It will help treat pigment disorders, fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and acne. Overall, the final result will leave your skin plump, hydrated and smooth.

Body Peel Treatment

The body peel treatment provides nourishing ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin’s surface, while improving the appearance and texture of the skin with a combination of exfoliation, smoothing and brightening ingredients.

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Sugar Land Medical Spa offers a wide variety of female wellness treatments, from gynecological exams to aesthetic procedures. These include facials, hormone replacement therapy, body contouring, and annual wellness exams. Dr. Evans is a board-certified OB/GYN who focuses on women’s unique needs in a comforting and supportive environment. Contact our Houston office at (281) 277-7721 to schedule a consultation today.