Medically Reviewed By Dr. Kimberly Evans

Woman Smiling and Glancing Sideways at BeachUnfortunately, many women experience pain during sex or have difficulty achieving orgasm due to decreased vaginal moisture. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, and if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in any way, or you are not being satisfied, you need an intervention.

Dr. Evans uses the O-Shot® to improve the sex lives of her patients every day. Women who have received this treatment have reported significant and noticeable changes, as it is a good method to help women have a renewed sexual experience with their partners.

Here are 6 ways this in-office, non-invasive injectable treatment for women can help boost your sex life so you can start enjoying sex as much as your man!

1. Increased sensitivity and arousal in the clitoris

The O-Shot stimulates blood flow to the vagina, which in turn can increase a woman’s sensitivity in the clitoral area. This is a key factor in arousal and eventual sexual satisfaction.

2. More frequent orgasms

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used in many fields of medicine to rejuvenate the targeted areas, whether that is the skin or the muscles. The O-Shot uses PRP to stimulate new tissue growth and increase blood flow to the vagina, which can lead to more frequent orgasms for women.

3. More intense orgasms

Another benefit of using platelet-rich plasma in the O-Shot is the fact that this PRP can stimulate collagen production in any area that is injected. By injecting it directly into the vagina, the skin cells in that area can be rejuvenated, leading to more intense orgasms with your partner.

4. The skin texture of the vaginal lips is improved

The O-shot can improve the texture of the vaginal lips by increasing stem cells, collagen, and blood flow to the area. Over time, the typical effects of aging we experience all over our bodies (such as sagging) will begin to reverse, and the vaginal skin will start to lift, tighten, and plump—giving the vagina a more youthful texture and appearance.

5. Increased natural lubrication

For women who have experienced menopause, vaginal lubrication may be a struggle. By increasing blood flow to the vagina, the O-Shot can effectively enhance natural lubrication, which improves a woman’s sexual experience.

6. Relief from painful intercourse

One thing all of these benefits have in common is a solution to discomfort during sex. The O-Shot takes away the discomfort during intercourse by tightening the vaginal walls, increasing blood flow to the vagina, tightening the vaginal lips, and increasing natural lubrication.

One session with the O-Shot is all most women will need, and you will be enjoying your sex life once again! This treatment is performed in the office by Dr. Evans, and most patients will complete their treatment in under 30 minutes.

To further improve your sex life, talk to Dr. Evans about the Ultimate O or the Ultra O treatments. These combination procedures combine the O-Shot with other vaginal treatments in order to increase vaginal rejuvenation and tighten the inside of the vagina or strengthen the pelvic floor.

If you want to start enjoying sex again by achieving orgasm more easily and experiencing more satisfaction from intercourse, do not wait a minute more to call Dr. Evans at Sugar Land Medical Spa or book online today.


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