If you have gynecological discomfort from uterine polyps or other issues, a hysteroscopy with TruClear can help you be more comfortable in your body. TruClear technology is revolutionizing the hysteroscopy process by allowing doctors to get detailed images of the uterine cavity and remove tissue without any incisions.

Dr. Evans offers TruClear hysteroscopy at Sugar Land Medical Spa to help women suffering from various gynecological concerns.

What Is a Hysteroscopy with TruClear?

A hysteroscopy with TruClear is a minimally invasive procedure that can obtain detailed images of your uterine cavity and remove any unhealthy tissue, like uterine polyps. This is all accomplished without making a single incision.

Hysteroscopies diagnose and treat various gynecological issues, including polyps and fibroids. It can also treat by removing the abnormal tissue. By removing the abnormal tissue, we can help alleviate problems of pain and bleeding associated with polyps and fibroids.

The Benefits

When you have a hysteroscopy with TruClear, you can experience various benefits, including:

  • Optimal imaging of the cervical canal and uterine cavity
  • No incisions necessary
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Comfortable procedure
  • Fast treatment
  • Experience a resolution in symptoms like discomfort and bleeding
  • No downtime

What Is the Procedure Like?

During your TruClear hysteroscopy, you can lie back comfortably while Dr. Evans performs your treatment. The TruClear device will be inserted directly into the uterine cavity to obtain detailed images of the intrauterine tissues.

Dr. Evans will remove any abnormalities or concerns using a simple mechanical approach with thermal energy. This entire process can be done in under an hour.

Recovery & Aftercare

After your hysteroscopy with TruClear, you can return home and resume most of your normal activities.

You may need to avoid sexual activity for a few days to weeks, depending on how much tissue Dr. Evans removed and any underlying concerns. Otherwise, since there are no incisions or scarring involved with TruClear, there is little to no aftercare or recovery.

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